Lookhatmes’ headwear is based on the principle of a headband or cap on which a scarf, silk shawl, a patterned cloth, is attached. The headband/cap is the only part that is in contact with the skin. To guarantee a maximum wearing experience Lookhatme uses two high qualtity fabrics with special features, Thermo°Cool and Comfort Cotton. Thanks to their special fibrous structure these fabrics dry quicker than other tissues.

Comfort Cotton has the soft and cozy textures of cotton and furthermore it never feels clammy. This is due to the special weaving technic whereby a polyamide-fibre is woven through the coton. This high quality polyamide fiber ensures that the perspiration is diffused over a greater surface and allows it to evaporate more rapidly

ADVANSA ThermoºCool™ is an intelligent fabric with a double function. Its unique composition ensures a rapid evaporation of perspiration. The fibres are designed to spread the humidity over a larger surface thus enhancing the evaporation process. Furthermore this Thermo°Cool fiber has a thermo-regulating feature. The fabrics’ temperature adjust itself to the bodytemperature. It is also ultralight and guarantees exceptional comfort.

Both fabrics are Oekotex labeled. This means that in the production no harmfull substances are used. These fabrics are skinfriendly and pose no health risks.