Our philosophy

Lookhatme is a small Belgian company that creates elegant headwear for women of all ages and cultures.

Whatever the reason may be for covering your head, Lookhatme offers you a wide range of comfortable, fashionable and original headwear.

The founder of the brand pays special attention to textiles and insists on the use of quality materials, developed for a major thermal comfort and adapted to any type of climate or country.

The brand's reference materials, Thermo° Cool™ and Cotton Comfort®, are woven and dyed in the north of France and carry the oeko-tex label, no harmful substances are used in their production.

100% made in Belgium

Lookhatme deliberately choses its suppliers and subcontractors nearby with 100% Belgian clothing.


A sustainable and socially responsible company

By producing our products in Belgium, we minimize the impact of transport on the environment.

The manufacture of our products is made in a protected workshop that employs seamstresses with disabilities and who are in professional integration.

The 2 types of mesh used benefit from the oeko-tex label, aiming at guaranteeing the humano-ecological qualities of textiles: free of toxic products for the body and the environment.

Product information

Lookhatme has opted for 2 types of fabric with one objective: to dry faster and therefore not staying wet.

  1. Thermo° Cool

It is a mesh that allows the regulation of humidity: the tests confirm that Thermo° Cool clothes dry very quickly, allowing to evacuate perspiration to the outside of the knit. Thanks to the evaporation of perspiration, the turban gives the impression of being dry and is therefore much more pleasant to wear on the skin than a damp fabric that does not evacuate perspiration (viscose or cotton).

  1. Cotton comfort

Lookhatme cotton is a knitted cotton with a phase of polyamide mesh, hollow fiber that has the power to drain moisture and allow the cotton to dry faster.

For more information about our products, do not hesitate to contact us at +32 (0)2 410 61 98 or via our contact form.